Remote Compromise Assessment

Fully automated platform that reduces the time, resources & costs associated with a Compromise Assessment by up to 70%


How GuardYoo Works

Artefact Collector gathers log Data from the network
All gathered data is encrypted and uploaded to the GuardYoo Platform
Data is analysed and results are released to private dashboard
The final Compromise Assessment report can be downloaded in multiple formats and mapped to industry standards such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials

Benefits of becoming a GuardYoo Partner

Member level Pricing on Compromise Assessments
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Priority Support
Access to Cyber Security Community Forum
Online Cyber Forensics Training Tutorials
Access to GuardYoo Threat Research Team
Regular Threat Intel Webinars
Sales Leads

What we do

Too often cyber-crime investigations reveal that digital evidence and attack indicators were available prior to the breach being detected.
If these previously undetected vulnerabilities are identified early, companies can
intervene to minimise risk and avoid future breaches.

GuardYoo provides companies with a secure, reliable and affordable Compromise Assessment including Forensic Analysis, within 1week.


Case Studies

ERP Software Developer
ERP Software Developer
In preparation for a major software update, this ERP software provider engaged GuardYoo to ensure their latest release would not be vulnerable to potential cyber threats.
Express Delivery Company
Express Delivery Company
With the help of GuardYoo, this express delivery company was able to detect and avoid a potential breach. GuardYoo’s Compromise Assessment was able to identify potential cyber threats, indicators of compromise and flaws in IT and cyber policies, all while providing a full asset discovery.
Nationwide Telecommunication Company
Telecommunications Company
This Telecommunications company was tasked with providing a digital backbone to support the state’s national elections. GuardYoo was engaged to ensure its infrastructure was safe from any potential cyber threats.
National Power Company
National Power Company
This national power provider engaged GuardYoo to conduct a forensic analysis following a cyberattack at one of the state capital’s power stations, which resulted in the loss of 20% of the city’s power.

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