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40 000 Computers Checked with GuardYoo Technology
GuardYoo offering is specifically designed to meet the needs of different organization based on their size, nature of business, IT and cybersecurity maturity, and budget. In the last 6 months more than 40000 PCs from dozens of companies have been checked using GuardYoo technology. Among them:  

•    National express delivery company (mixed Windows and Linux infrastructure) -               18 000 PCs; 
•    Software developer – 350 workstations, 100 servers; 
•    Oil distribution company - 8000 PCs; 
•    Local branch of international oil production and distribution company - 1000 PCs; 
•    Telecom operator – 20 000 workstations, 700 servers; 
•    Law firm – 50 PCs.

GuardYoo can help large organizations that are capable to detect a sophisticated cyber-attack, but want to double check their condition, or need an independent assessment of their third-party contractors. It is also suitable for companies struggling to build and maintain a strong cybersecurity team equipped with the best technology and processes, and unable to detect a cyber-attack in a timely manner. GuardYoo can also help medium size and even small companies that can’t afford buying expensive technology and maintaining expensive cybersecurity teams.

Traditionally organizations focus on protecting the perimeter of their information and communication systems, but cyber criminals eventually breach every layer of defense, and protection from intrusion becomes virtually impossible. 
“What organizations can do however is employ technologies and mechanisms of continuous monitoring of infrastructures and compromise assessment,” says GuardYoo co-founder Roman Sologub. “While cyber criminals go through various stages of attack, they leave traces of their presence that help stop and get rid of them in a timely manner and avoid loss of data and other assets, minimize the damage, and improve your digital resilience for the future”.