If you've ever considered working for yourself, now might be a great time to consider becoming an Independent Cyber Security Consultant.

Global Skills Gap:

The world is grappling with a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.

In Europe alone the shortage gap in 2019 was 291,000 up from 142,000 in 2018​.Globally​ the gap was 4.07million in 2019​ up from 2.93m in 2018.

This skills gap is good news if you’re interested in starting a career in cybersecurity.

In a recent report IDC highlights that over 57% of companies want to outsource their cyber security requirements. 

Companies now recognise that they do not have the resources or the skills to implement a robust cyber security strategy and their real challenge is trying to prevent something from happening in the first place.

Cybersecurity is needed more than ever and there are a lot of opportunities for Independent Cyber Security Consultants (or smaller Cyber Security providers) to create new revenue streams, if they are able to balance the volume of work they accept, with the resources they have.



Growing your Business:

There are a couple of different ways to grow your cyber-security business. You can focus your attention locally, or try to attract a wider audience online. 
Either way, the cyber services you offer should not depend upon where you are physically located but on the skills and tools you have at your disposal.

As a smaller Cyber Security provider you should focus on targeting SMEs with a very narrow framework offering (such as CIS Controls) that allows you to cover the core areas of vulnerability; 
Compromise Assessment to establish a baseline security posture, Consultation, Threat Remediation, and updating Critical Systems. 

As you are assessing a clients environment, take the time to explain how cyber criminals use human behaviour to breach the network. Highlight the concepts of Phishing, Two-Factor Authentication, Password Strength, Indicators of Compromise and other security measures. 

Delivering an initial Compromise Assessment is great way to support your advice regarding the cyber strategy a customer should implement.


Success doesn’t come easy but by partnering with the right vendors with the right tools you can quickly gain credibility and a good reputation. 

The SME space desperately needs good Cyber Security Consultants and there isn’t a huge amount of competition.
It’s a competitive market, no doubt, but it’s not over-saturated.
You’ll find success if you’re good at it – being good at it is the key.

Independent consultants are doing a great job helping businesses who are struggling to keep their digital assets safe.

GuardYoo Compromise Assessment:

The GuardYoo platform allows consultants to deliver a comprehensive Compromise Assessments audit for their clients. GuardYoo delivers a fully automated audit report within 1 week, which allows Consultants to balance their focus across multiple projects for different clients.

To learn more about GuardYoo, please check out our case studies or email us: info@guardyoo.com