How to manage all your cybersecurity clients on a single platform.

Protecting companies from cybersecurity breaches is a task that never stops—and one that requires constant vigilance on behalf of clients. While remote compromise assessments, cyber audit and digital forensics play an important role in dealing with an ever-changing threat surface, managing client relationships is a pain point for many service providers in the space.

One key reason for this is the sheer number of tools that consultants and managed services providers have at their disposal. While critical to the work of protecting client organizations’ most sensitive data, many of these tools exist in their own separate environments and require layers of manual tracking to keep track of engagements.

Added to many of the other issues facing cybersecurity providers, including the struggle to find talent, the ability to easily manage multiple clients from a single platform represents a significant roadblock for many professionals—all the way up to CISOs and CTOs.

“Time and again, when I’m talking to potential cybersecurity partners, I hear the same frustrations from leadership teams,” says GuardYoo CEO Darren Sexton. “Talent is usually near the top of the list, but a major pain point is that most of these firms don’t have a single platform that allows them to manage the cybersecurity assessments and projects they are delivering to their clients.”

The importance of managing cybersecurity clients efficiently

With so many different tools and applications in a typical cybersecurity provider’s stack, it can be difficult to keep track of each client’s status and progress—a problem that grows exponentially as your business scales. In this business, we all know that that isn’t just an administrative issue—it puts company data and reputations at risk, including your own.

Common problems that arise for cybersecurity companies include:

  • Data silos and management issues
  • Difficulty coordinating projects and meeting deadlines
  • Lack of efficiency due to circular processes & record-keeping requirements
  • Lack of clarity into project timelines
  • Difficulty communicating accurate information to clients

Of course, many companies manage these issues with hybrid solutions, spreadsheet tracking, project management tools and more. However, even these workarounds reduce efficiency and burden cybersecurity staff with administrative tasks that deflect their time and attention away from their core revenue-generating responsibilities.

GuardYoo: Built by cybersecurity professionals for cybersecurity professionals

“As cybersecurity professionals ourselves, we created GuardYoo with a focus on how the tools can be used by fellow professionals to manage clients,” says Sexton. “The quality of the platform’s remote compromise assessment and digital forensics speaks for itself, but we’re also really proud of how easy it is to manage multiple clients on it because that’s a key pain point that no one had really solved for in the tools we’d been using in our own careers.”

A core strength of the GuardYoo platform is the ability for a potential partner to manage all of their projects within a single repository. It’s an added benefit to a partner program that already includes attractive margins and access to experienced support and guidance—all geared towards helping Partners to manage their client relationships from end to end.

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Key benefits of managing clients via GuardYoo’s platform

Whether you’re a full-service MSP or an independent consultant, GuardYoo’s Partner Program offers the ability to streamline your processes, improve project tracking, and create efficiencies that free up time to handle other tasks—or even add services and clients.

Specific benefits include:

  • Create and maintain revenue streams with easy access to all your client data in a single place
  • Easily keep track of every client’s logs and remote cyber audit data
  • Remove data silos and repetitive tracking tasks
  • Increase efficiency and responsiveness across your entire company
  • Spend more time communicating with clients and less time wrestling with your tech stack.

“We are actively building our community of partner firms and consultants,” says Sexton. “We believe that we have the best tools for remote compromise assessment, remote cyber audit and digital forensics on the market today. And because we understand the world our partners are living in, we can help them to navigate it.”

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