Model Behaviour

When you are geographically separated, you are emotionally separated.

Having spoken to many of our partners and end user clients recently, it seems March 2021 is a reasonable timeframe for the return of remote workers to their physical offices.

Covid 19 has proven to be a significant pressure on all countries globally and with a major economic challenge following it over the hill, it seems we still have a rough road ahead of us for the foreseeable future. We still have some pain to take.

By March 2021 many people will have been remote working for exactly 1yr and so will have settled into a routine that has largely been dictated by their immediate line managers and their company’s attitude to work life balance. This can be a very positive experience for employees, however there is still a measurable disconnect between the employee and the company when it comes to adhering to cyber security policies.

Remote Work


50% of remote workers admit to ignoring company cyber security policies and guidelines, whilst many IT teams admit to sacrificing cyber security to enable remote working.

The shift to remote working has led to serious gaps in cyber security and an increase in cyber-attacks.

When working remotely, employees simply do not have the formal reinforcement of cyber security policies, there is a phycological disconnect, IT teams can remind staff of their responsibilities and can even issue questionnaire based audits to quiz remote workers on their behaviour, however, these questionnaires are akin to filling in an insurance application and employees will not disclose their actual behaviour for fear of being reprimanded.

You cannot expect people to mark their own homework.

IT Teams cannot trust remote workers to assess their own behaviour, especially using a questionnaire based cyber audit, a lot of risk assessments are simply tick-the-box exercises that give a false sense of security.

At GuardYoo we deliver fully remote Compromise Assessments by gathering MS Windows Log Files from each PC on the network and analysing the data using our proprietary ThreatScale Models, within our cloud based analytics engine. Windows Log Data contains very powerful information that sometimes gets missed, however when you consider that every action taken by a PC is recorded within the Windows Event Log, you will appreciate the value of the information if it is presented in a readable format.

A full GuardYoo Compromise Assessment can be available within hours of gathering log data and will identify any vulnerabilities or IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise) that are putting the company network at risk. A final report can be downloaded in a PDF format that is easy to read and details all found vulnerabilities. IT Teams can use the final report to identify user behaviour that is not aligned to cyber policies and any devices that have been breached without an alarm being raised. 




If you provide cyber services to companies with remote workers, or are a company with a remote workforce and would like to learn more about how the GuardYoo Compromise Assessment platform can help reduce your cyber risk while also making sure compliance standards are being met, please contact us to discuss your requirements.