3 Massive Benefits of a Remote Compromise Assessment

The cyber landscape is always evolving - and it’s doing so at a rapid pace. With organisations forced to implement remote working, it’s vital they improve and intensify their cyber defenses to safeguard against an attack.

Although businesses make every effort to protect their infrastructure, there may have been breaches that have gone undetected. A well-known example of this was in 2018, when Marriott-owned Starwood hotel group discovered that it had been compromised. Attackers had actually had access since 2014 - four years before it was spotted.

Remote Compromise Assessment reduces the chances of this happening. By delivering an independent audit of an organisation’s network, a Compromise Assessment will identify Indicators of Compromise (IOC), suspicious user behaviour, weak password strength policies and any unauthorised software while also delivering a full asset discovery.

At GuardYoo, we provide cybersecurity partners with a platform to deliver a remote Compromise Assessment. But what makes a remote compromise assessment truly advantageous compared to in-person methods?

  1. Frees Up Valuable Resources
  2. Reduced Costs
  3. Provides Behavioural Analysis

1. Frees Up Valuable Resources 

Traditionally, Compromise Assessment would be delivered on-site by a team of consultants who manually gather the data required data from company devices. Once gathered, the data is collated and brought back to HQ for analysis. Following this, a report would be written up, taking two to three weeks. Ultimately, the whole Compromise Assessment could take up to 12 weeks.

With a remote assessment, there’s no need for physical resources at the end-user premises, which frees up valuable resources for the cybersecurity partner. Absolutely everything is delivered remotely - from collecting the data to analysing it. Not only that, but the data analysis is delivered through a cloud platform.

2. Reduced Costs

Traditional Compromise Assessment delivered on-site for a company with 500+ devices may take between 10 and 12 weeks to complete. With costs based on billable hours, assessment costs can be in excess of £100k.

By conducting the assessment remotely, there are no resources needed on the client’s site, meaning there are less billable hours and no disruption to the client’s business.

Not only that, but as the consultant doesn’t need to travel to and from the client’s premises. Plus, with GuardYoo doing the heavy lifting on the analysis, partners are free to continue with their core business activities.

3. Provides Behavioural Analysis

Imagine if companies could truly understand how their network operates. When a company understands their network completely, they can identify any potential attacks and put measures in place to stop them from ever happening. That’s what behavioural analysis does. Not only does it identify any hidden threats, but it also predicts the likelihood of any further attacks.

With this knowledge, you can reduce the chance of potential attacks becoming catastrophic as well as protect your client’s business, employees and their organisation’s reputation.

Take The First Step In Safeguarding Your Organisation

From phishing emails and malware, to human error - every day, your business faces a variety of threats. That’s why it’s vital you take the time to conduct a Compromise Assessment. To schedule a consultation with a member of our team just send us a message via the chat function or email us - info@GuardYoo.com