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Reports of global cyber-attacks resulting in financial losses running into the Billions, theft of intellectual property, and wide-scale disclosure of sensitive customer information have spiked in recent years. The groups responsible for these high-profile attacks are well organised, hackers who have been resident inside IT infrastructures before for months or even years before being detected. Despite this, only 12% of organizations consider themselves likely to detect a sophisticated attack.

The situation gets even worse in the case of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). 77% of cybercrime targets SMEs, either don’t have access to advanced cybersecurity services or can’t afford to buy them. As a result, SMEs have outdated security (attackers bypassed multiple layers of security in 96% of SME deployments in a real-world study), and are easy targets for a cyber attack. SME's are used by adversaries as a preferred route for attacks on larger enterprises, and governments.

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12% of organizations
ONLY consider themselves
capable and very likely to
detect a sophisticated attack

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Millions of SMEs
simply don’t have access
to or can’t afford advanced
cybersecurity services


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Attackers are resident
inside 160 to 469
days before detected


GuardYoo offers the world’s first compromise assessment and threat hunting toolset delivered as a cloud-based automated service, an easy-to-use, agentless, yet powerful solution to limit risks and eliminate dwell time by enabling organisations of all sizes to proactively discover malware and persistent threats (active or dormant), that have successfully breached existing defences.
GuardYoo is a Cyber Health Check, that addresses key cybersecurity concerns and delivers prompt results to the following questions:
border Image Am I breached?
border Image Am I at risk?
border Image Am I prepared?
border Image What, When, How?

GuardYoo is not a theoretical idea, it's about an automation of highly sophisticated revenue producing compromise assessment services developed and currently provided by GuardYoo's team which is all packaged into a SaaS cloud-based product. It is the result of years of successful hands-on cybersecurity practice from the GuardYoo team (currently operating in 7 markets of CEE), international recognition and global visibility of world-class cybersecurity expertise, as well as the entrepreneurial experience of the GuardYoo's founders in starting international businesses from scratch and developing them into multimillion-dollar businesses.

Our product offering is based on deep understanding of cybersecurity needs and markets. We have offers specifically designed for different segments in which tens of thousands of companies need our services and we’ve developed a tailored rout-to-market strategy for each segment (digital sales for small companies, inside sales for medium size, and sales through channel partners to enterprise level).

GuardYoo's team is an ideal combination of entrepreneurial, managerial and seasoned technical experience in cybersecurity. Our work has been recognized and endorsed by world’s most reputable organizations in cyber. We have been featured by many of the world’s leading media outlets and we regularly speak at international cybersecurity conferences of the highest level, both strategic and technical.

Are you ready for the
future when all things
are hackable?