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GuardYoo at EBN Congress in Luxembourg
Business and Innovation Center managers, corporates, startups, entrepreneurs and experts in the innovation and incubation arena came together at EBN Congress 'Future of Innovation', which took place in Luxembourg. There GuardYoo co-founders Oleh Derevianko and Roman Sologub proudly presented the first automated cyber-security compromise assessment service. 

Responding to the needs of large organizations and millions of small and medium-size businesses that don't have access to and can't afford advanced cybersecurity GuardYoo provides an automated compromise assessment solution that delivers full asset & application discovery, detection of cyber threats and indicators of compromise, diagnosis of flaws in IT and cybersecurity operations that need to be fixed, and technical evidence of compliance measures in place and deviations that need to be corrected.
Over three days of conference sessions, workshops, pitching sessions, matchmaking and networking activities, participants from different parts of the world explored the future of innovation.
“This is a game changer in cyber, comparable with the invention of quick, accurate and affordable for all blood test in medicine”, said GuardYoo co-founder Oleh Derevianko.