GuardYoo Set for Expansion across Europe and North America

In November GuardYoo participated in Web Summit 2019, the #1 technology conference in the world. The company progressed much with platform development and increasing the number of accomplished projects. GuardYoo was also exhibiting at the Beta Program.
“It was a great opportunity for us to announce our plans for 2020, which involves a major expansion across Europe and into North America”, says Darren Sexton, CEO. “We are working on identifying new channel partners and new markets to deliver our compromise assessment platform. GuardYoo is now entering a very exciting period in which will see us establish ourselves as a global leader in cyber security auditing.“ 


GuardYoo Team at Web Summit 2019

In 2019 Web Summit once again proved to be one of the best tech conferences out there, and there are numerous reasons why. It gives you multiple opportunities to network with other like-minded business people, recruit potential partners for your business, spread the word about what your business is doing and attract investors. 

Web Summit makes it easy to meet investors as the conference attracts interest from influential international investment funds. The conference has a great facility called Investor Meetings. These are pre-scheduled meetings with potential investment partners usually arranged via the Web Summit App, that put prime startups in front of investors who can fund them into something great.

“As GuardYoo operates in the very relevant Cyber Security sector these meetings gave us an opportunity to meet global partners who can help us scale our business across multiple regions” says GuardYoo co-founder, Roman Solugub. “Cyber security is where GuardYoo operates and we had many conversations with both potential partners and end-users about how important it is for their internal systems to be secure, thus allowing them to achieve all compliance standards relevant to their industry. It was refreshing to hear that data privacy and compliance issues are always very relevant.”

Our mission is to open the historically expensive cyber audit market to our partners and end-user clients,” adds Darren Sexton. “Going forward mid-market companies will need to provide evidence that their internal systems are free from violation and are compliant with such regulations as the UK’s Cyber Essentials standards. Companies who are involved in cyber insurance or mergers & acquisitions will need to be comfortable that the companies they are dealing with are not already breached.